LEV VEL melds traditional northwest design elements with a minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic. Spaces are mindfully built to be comfortable, efficient and long-lasting in the Pacific Northwest.

We founded LEV VEL to create spaces that meet the dynamic needs of our customers and community. The name LEV VEL is Norwegian and translates to “live well”. When you buy a new home, you are making an investment in your quality of life. Our vision is to build homes with that in mind, knowing it will be a place for families to live well for many years to come. 



Our homes are built with a focus on the responsible use of materials and resources.


All components, from light fixtures to appliances, have been carefully selected to maintain the high efficiency of each home.

Long Lasting

Each home is designed and built to last using high performing materials applied by specialized craftsmen.


Our homes are strategically located to provide access to community transportation, conveniences and services. 

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